Monday, July 26, 2010


Walking in the rain again, having told myself before I set out that I'll be glad I made the effort. It's late afternoon and the grey day has begun to bite. But I'm looking for signs of spring these days, and what should I find but a glorious magnolia tree! Its blossoms are sumptuous and elegant, reaching up into the grey sky from bare branches. I feel I'm looking into a Japanese painting.
Blossoms without leaves, that's what my new visions are like. I'm full of buds of promise, but the energy is not yet sufficient for growth. 'Be patient,' I tell myself. I find I'm starting sentences with 'when spring comes'. Meanwhile, the magnolia makes me glad.


Joan said...

I was talking on the phone a few days ago and i'm sure buds were popping out on the star magnolia while I was talking. I am loving DANCING WITH THE SEASONS juliet. What a treasure!

Marilyn said...

It is an exciting time - we all seem to be on the look out for signs of spring. I love the jonquils and daffodils that I have found when out on my walks and some magnolia buds have opened but others are still waiting ....just like us.