Friday, January 7, 2011

Leafy streets

Back in the city, I walk the streets. People are still away on holiday, and the streets are quiet. There's something special about a city that has emptied out over summer. It feels gentle, and the beauty of the streets is easier to see without the distraction of cars.

And so I walk pavements now, rather than bush paths, sand, stream bed and beach. I see strange, exotic flowers, like this unknown pink one, hanging over a fence. The trees are in full leaf, offering up welcome shade on a hot day.

And then, an old friend appears: a puriri tree from which dangle these cheeky pink fruit, together with clusters of pink flowers.

I miss the bach, but the city offers its summer gifts and helps me make the necessary transition.


Marilyn said...

The streets around us are quiet and I feel a gentleness and peace.
The flower - I think it may be a magnolia. I have noticed several magnolia trees have flowers, not many but certainly some and I have seen this on several different trees. I have been puzzling about this.

juliet said...

Thanks Marilyn. I wondered if it could be a magnolia; if so it's an unusual one.

Anne Dean Ruffell said...

I have just been catching up on your wonderful blog, Juliet, and I have been transported to New Zealand, the bach, the beach and all its wonders. I love hearing how Mira reacts to the world around her and I can imagine the joy you have in being with her. Today we had a hard frost which heralded a blue-sky sunny day and we went for a walk along the beach, feeling as though we were emerging from a shell into the light again. It was lovely to be able to enjoy some of your Christmas experiences - makes the miles between here and there much smaller.