Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A golden day

 I'm back at last, and I've missed you all. After two weeks of I.T. challenges, including the loss of all my photos, I am (almost back on track). A couple of hours ago my photos were restored (however now I can't send emails!) But enough of that, because I want to tell you about the golden day, when I ran away to the beach, into a world that dances to a more leisurely tune. The sun shone and the lupins were alight, like candles.
 the stream was serene and soothing,
 and the beach as calm as a summer's day. It was so warm that I peeled off many layers.
 I walked, I drifted like the tides, and towards the end of the afternoon wandered back, having lost all sense of time.
 and what should I see, to crown this perfect day, but a figure in white down by the lagoon.
A spring wedding is a risky business, but this bride had the best of luck, getting married on a golden day between the gusts and the rain, and edging her way down to the water for a beautiful set of photos.
It does me good to drift back to this day of blessings, remembering the restorative power of nature, which never fails.


cecilia said...

Thank you, thank you for the glorious walk on the beach.. and finding a bride to boot! How romantic.. I am so glad you are making your way back to the land of computer calm.. There is nothing worse, Sometimes i deeply resent being so dependent on a computer then i remind myself that i should be grateful that i have one.. Have another lovely golden day.. c

juliet said...

Hi Celi, glad you enjoyed the walk on the beach. The ending was certainly romantic. I never know what I'm going to find out there. Thank you.

lifeonthecutoff said...

Such a glorious walk, Juliet, and the hope of spring and a bride and groom along the path. That lupine is radiant. We can grow them here, but, they don't come back after a few years. I hope you can email soon. Good luck and enjoy being back online.

juliet said...

Penny, how lovely to have you visit again. I've now been able to email - took a deep breath and worked out how to do it, thinking that probably my settlings had been lost (I was right). Yes the bride and groom and their new beginning was a hopeful sign. thank you.

Hotly Spiced said...

That does look like a most beautiful day and how fortunate for the bride that she had the most incredible weather. I'm sorry to hear of all your computer woes but how wonderful all your photos were restored! Great to have your back! xx

juliet said...

Charlie, thank you. It's nice to be welcomed back. Seeing the bride was an extra treat, and it's such a relief to have my photo file back again.