Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inky visitors

It's unusual to see black swans on the beach, but this pair was having a good time feeding at low tide.

 Meanwhile, we were making a house for the fairies.
 Another inky visitor, not usually found on the beach, came to visit, and tried to sit in the house,
and then to give the little one's foot a brush and tickle.
She made this little pathway for the fairies to walk along. Who knows, but inky fairies may be dancing along the shells tonight while we are asleep.
Our beach play days keep bringing surprises, and with the fine weather continuing, we are making the most of every chance to be there.


MandaBurms said...

SMILE! lovely post. I wonder if that Ebony cat was one we bred... I wonder.

juliet said...

*Thanks Manda; who knows where it might have come from? such a beautiful black.

Diana Drent said...

I've never seen cats on the beach. Often dogs but not cats.

I wonder why ...

Nice pictures of the swans.

juliet said...

Diana, I was very surprised to see a cat there.

Friko said...

Very sensible of you.
Who would not want to be out there, with a best little friend, making fairy houses and having inky visitors.

juliet said...

Friko, you are absolutely right. What could be better?

Lynley said...

The swans are wonderful reminders for us to slow as they glide about on the water.

A magic black cat plus fairies were wonderful moments for you both.

The inky inhabitants who are intriguing my older little one are pirates and cowboys and the goodies and the baddies. Quite a contrast to your ones!

Marja said...

Swans are so gracefull but mostly I love the fairy house So magical

juliet said...

* Lynley, the swans are graceful and yes they do slow us down. Inky visitors come in many forms!

* Marja, my little granddaughter decided on the fairy house and said it must be heart-shaped.

Thank you Lynley and Marja.