Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spring streets

 It's spring, and the showers have stopped. Quick now, it's time for a walk around the spring streets.
 Time to see the life and growth, sprouting everywhere, in the hedges
 in the forks of trees
in the gardens.

Creativity is bursting out everywhere. How's this for a letterbox?
This one is more sedate, but it's still open to receiving,
and the melia trees show their purple haze of flowering all along the streets.
Whoops, here comes the next shower. I'll show you the gates in the next post.


Lynley said...

Thank you for a lovely walk Juliet.

We are back to winter here again today. The Melia is trying valiantly to bloom against the odds of this vigorous spring. How lush your one is in your photo.

I hope the severe thunderstorms do not eventuate for you.

Juliet Batten said...

Lynley, you are having so much extreme spring weather. The thunderstorms didn't arrive and we've had a fairly fine day today, but with a chill in it. I hope your Melia gets a break soon.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet .. love the tour you've given us .. and those two letter boxes are just incredible ...

Spring - oh I would love to be there .. just hope our autumn and winter are relatively kind re snow and ice!! I know it kills the bugs - but it does stop life in its tracks .. well if it could be Springing in February .. that'd be ok!!!

Cheers to you and enjoy your new growth and light .. Hilary

Juliet Batten said...

Hilary, glad you enjoyed the tour and another taste of spring. The letter boxes are great. I will look out for more. Thanks a lot, and I hope it's not too cold for you over there in the UK.

Penny O'Neill said...

Oh, that green, those hedges, the flowers are all pure bliss, Juliet. I can almost smell the freshness of new life - and thank you for the pleasant walk around your block. Enjoy.

Juliet Batten said...

Penny, glad to share the freshness with you. Today we have more thunderstorms and rains, but when the sun shines everything sparkles once more.

Hotly Spiced said...

If I was a postie I'd be very grateful to anyone who made sure their letter box was easy to find. I love all the greenness in the gardens and all the pretty flowers. I hope the rain stops and you get to enjoy some sunshine xx

Juliet Batten said...

HI Charlie, yes definitely good for the posties! We are having thunderstorms and sudden showers still, but the sun manages to shine in between. Thanks for calling.