Friday, January 6, 2012

What the Empress dropped

In the late afternoon, this is what I found: a feather on a fern.
It was hard to photograph, but I captured it at last.
What a poetic gift from the Empress, leaving her fluffy feather perched so exquisitely.
I think of Hildegarde von Bingen's music, called 'A Feather on the Breath of God'.
The Empress reminds me so tread lightly into 2012, to remember balance, to maintain poise.
As I was taking the photos, I heard a whooshing of wings, and there she was again, perching in the kawakawa just above my head, showing me her white breast and purple-green top feathers. Thank you Empress, for your gracious message from the skies.
May we all go lightly into the new year.


Lynley said...

What an enchanting photo Juliet and an enchanting find.

What beautiful birds Keruru are.
And your interpretation was meaningful. Thank you.

lifeonthecutoff said...

Juliet, you brought a tear of gratitude to my eyes with this lovely feather and post. It is always the small things that bring so much, isn't it? Today is Epiphany for many and this made me think of a magi's gift.

juliet said...

Lynley, enchanting is exactly the word for this visit and this bird.
Penny, yes you are so right, it's the small things that touch us. A magi's gift for Epiphany - what a lovely thought.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful reminder of the need for balance.

juliet said...

Yes, indeed. The feather stayed poised on the fern until today the rains saturated it. But it's still there! Thanks for visiting, Ruth.

anissa ljanta said...

whoa, magical. i have had my eyes peeled for a keruru feather for years! the word 'poised' stays with me today. x

juliet said...

Hi Anissa, 'poised' is the perfect word - thank you!