Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When the mozzies are biting

 When the mosquitoes are biting, having penetrated every nook and cranny, and even finding their way through screens and mosquito net,
 then you don't mind that the wind is now following the sultry days and the rainy days, and is shaking the tops of the trees, loosening out their hair, and sending debris flying,
 because you know that wind and mozzies just don't mix, and that although it's supposed to be summer holidays and no doubt many people are complaining at these pesky blasts,
you are smiling to yourself, because now you can settle down with your books, and lay down the fly swat, and stop worrying about batting off these zooming little vampires. And so you give thanks for the wind, and breath a sigh of relief.


Anonymous said...

How gracious of the wind to come and keep the mosquitoes at bay. They are what keep me indoors many a summer in early morning or at dusk, Juliet, for I am a mosquito magnet. It is good to remember the relief the wind brings.

It sounds like you are having a peaceful time at the bach. Enjoy.

juliet said...

Yes, I remember your mosquito posts from the summer, Penny. They can be such a pest, but yes it is peaceful here.