Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Fruits Reflections

Today, February 2, is our First Fruits Festival.
It is exactly half-way between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.
While there is still plenty of light, the darkness is increasing.
This is the time (in the Southern Hemisphere) of the Celtic Festival of Lugnasad, held in honour of the grain god Lugh, who was sacrificed with the reaping of the crop.
The Christian harvest festival of Lammas followed Lugnasad, retaining the age-old flavour of celebration of harvest.
Berries and fruit are abundant now, and the grain is ripe. But for Maori, their staple food the kumara still needed time in the ground, so this was Te Waru, the lean time.

Reflecting on these discrepancies, I am reminded how abundance is still not distributed evenly in our world, and even as I celebrated the fullness of First Fruits, there are many others for whom times are lean.


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful post, Juliet, and a reminder of all those who are hungry in the world.

juliet said...

Thank you Penny; I certainly feel very fortunate.

Lynley said...

We are blessed with so much choice at this time of the year Juliet.

Even within our food producing country there are people who are hungry. More balance is required.

juliet said...

Thanks Lynley; choice and balance are good things to remember.

Marja said...

There is abundance but not everyone partakes That is a sad truth
It is indeed worht a celebration as these fruits are a delicious gift. Our fruit is nearly ripe as well. Can't wait

juliet said...

Thanks Marja. The fruits are so delicious when they all ripen at this time of the year.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet .. lovely photos and you're right ... but if I told you that the Sahara Desert was rich and lush and bountiful at one time - you'd do a double take!?! It was ..

So life changes - but you're right to remind us of how little some have - and that always 'worries' me .. I can't do a lot right now - but I can be prudent with my own resources and care for my own area ..

Love the photos (repeated!) .. cheers Hilary

juliet said...

Hi Hilary - that's amazing, to think of the Sahara as rich and bountiful. I have done a double take; you are quite right! Yes, everything changes doesn't it?