Sunday, July 24, 2011

The bird with no head

As I walked along the waterfront yesterday, I spotted a strange sight: a bird without a head.

I came closer, and saw that it was a shag. It seemed to be have been taking a nap, but as I approached it moved, 
and opened its eyes,
taking a look at me to see if I posed a threat.
And then, deciding I didn't, tucked its head down again,
turned to one side, 
and went back to sleep.
I wonder if I could learn to do that.


Lynley said...

Wonderful photographic story you have shared with us Juliet. Your energy was obviously very gentle and unobtrusive.

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Let me know if you learn to turn you head this way. I'd like to learn.

I think this would make a delightful children's book, Juliet.

juliet said...

Thank you Lynley, and Penny. When I've learned to do it, I'll post a photo! What a nice idea about a children's book. I could make one for little Mira, who is about to turn 3.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain Mira would love it!

Marja said...

Love it. Birds are easily startled so you must have had a good vibe. Beautiful pictures. I could do something like that. I get very sleepy from reading I fall asleep sitting when I read a book, wake up when somebody enters the room and than I sleep in again.

juliet said...

Just practise that little twist of the neck Marja, then tuck it in!