Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Serenity and gratitude

In the Wintergardens, on that inhospitable day when I took refuge in the warmed pavillion, this is what I saw: waterlily leaves that seemed to be made out of bronzed silk. A golden highlight shone on them from above, bringing out their luminosity, and a single flower rose out of the dark water.
It's called a royal water lily, and I can see why, because this one is luxurious. I sat beside it, and marvelled, feeling my soul unfold and come to rest in the serenity of pure being. Such gratitude for the beauty and peace that has been created here, flowering out of the city's chaos on a wet, windy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Juliet, this is so beautiful in picture and in sentiment. The feeling of glad can be felt floating across the wide oceans and lands that divide us - but the same grateful feeling resides.

juliet said...

Thank you for this lovely comment, Penny. I like that phrase 'the feeling of glad', imagining it floating across the oceans, and knowing that you have it too.

Lynley said...

I love the burnished quality the light makes on the lily pads.

Nice to find peace and solace in the midst of a busy city environment.

juliet said...

Thanks Lynley - 'burnished' is exactly the word for it.