Saturday, July 9, 2011

Winter smiles

It was a cold, windy day with grey skies. Leaves were being scraped along the ground and tossed in the air. I pulled my coat tightly around me as I left an appointment and prepared myself for two more - dreary ones, like the day itself.
With an hour to kill between them, I needed warming and cheering. So I made my way to the Wintergardens in Auckland's domain. I walked straight towards a bed of pansies, lots of little cheerful faces, smiling at me.
They were so bright and alert that I found myself smiling back
especially when I changed upon this cluster. The funny thing is, that when I look at the photos, I see that their mouths are downturned, but when I was amongst them, I swear that they were chattering and smiling and greeting me in the most friendly way possible.


Marja said...

That sounds like a fairy tale. They are bright and pretty. We already have a lot of daffodils in the garden

juliet said...

Lucky you, Marja. Daffodils are so cheerful too.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely faces they are, Juliet. Think of the downturned part as the pansy's nose and the petals beneath the smile. (I think I've been out in the sun too long today - tee hee).

juliet said...

I like that way of looking at them Penny. Thank you.