Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two seasons

It's been bleak; a week of storms, twisters, snow falls and on the west coast, immense surf. The wind has been biting. Yet, winter delivered a surprise.

On my walk, I discovered a young magnolia had burst into bloom, just two minutes away from the grey sea coast below.

It looked so pure, like a Japanese painting.

It looked as if spring had arrived.

The seasons have become confusing. All I can do is to relax and enjoy the contradictions. I decided that this was a two-season day, and that it didn't have to make sense.
The wild winter storms stimulate and refresh me, and the beauty of the magnolia awakens me to the miracle of new life.


Anonymous said...

We have been having turbulent weather here as well, Juliet. I have much to learn from you about acceptance and beauty even in the storms. What a lovely surprise the magnolia blossom is. Enjoy.

juliet said...

Thank you Penny, and may you ride the turbulence with joy.