Friday, October 22, 2010


September 18
September 22

September 29
October 6

October 12
Watching the greening in the tree tops from my balcony. The growth seems to have accelerated at a certain point, and I remember that we are approaching peak greening on October 31, which is Beltane in New Zealand Aotearoa: flowering and sap rise. I thought I was watching this tree so carefully, but I looked away for a day or two, and there it was, having burst into purple flowers as well as an abundance of leaves. I'm in awe at the sheer power of the life force, pumping through, bringing new life and lushness.


Marilyn said...

A lovely set of photos. There is so much energy in the season that all growth seems to speed up. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the greening this spring.

Joan said...

These are wonderful captured moments of greening Juliet. That is exactly how it has been at my place. As I came back home today from sewing I came over the brow of the hill overlooking the city and wow..the whole city is greening. Living the seasons is wonderful. Now there is no bad weather .. it is all meaningful and part of the dance. Thank you Juliet for being so in touch with the earth..