Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spring play

Spring is the season when I wake up to play, laughter and children. Little Mira, my two year old granddaughter, comes to visit and it's warm enough for water play. After pouring water from one beaker to another, she then tries popping them on top of her head, and tipping them off into the bowl, accompanied by squeals of laughter. Being around Mira takes me into the joy of spring.
What makes Mira laugh:

  • An unknown drawer, suddenly opening
  • Splashing water over the tiles where it changes into a hundred droplets
  • Hearing the tui sing 'Cheow! Cheow!'
  • Hearing my imitation of the tui singing 'Cheow! Cheow!'
  • Seeing pumpkin chunks fall off my knife as I chop
  • Being alive


Joan said...

The wonderful laughter and play of children. This is a lovely post with your gorgeous wee granddaughter. I remember ..children laugh about 300 times a day..and adults about 15. Aren't we so are blessed when we have children around us

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely way to spend one's time, laughing and playing with water in the company of Mira!