Tuesday, September 15, 2009

seasonal inspiration

Spring Equinox

The source is within you
and the whole world is springing up from it.

Did you know that this is our Southern hemisphere Easter? Yes, right now at Spring Equinox, on September 23. Or to be really traditional, on the first full moon after Equinox, which is not until October 4 this year. It's the season of resurrection, hope, and growth.

Spring Equinox itself is when dark and light are equal. And so I reflect on balance. Sometimes I lose it, that balance between inner and outer. I've found it helpful to monitor sometimes, by doing a quick drawing in the evening. I draw a circle, then fill in the portion that I've spent being 'out there' and active, and then the portion that I've spent being more inward and connected with myself.

If I spend too much time being outer focused, I find I can become fragmented. Too much time on the inside and I lose touch with others. When it's roughly in balance, I go to bed feeling that I've had a good day.

The light is increasing, spring is bounding in, and everything is quickening: not just the trees and garden plants, but my creativity. I have new projects underway. The season supports them, carrying me along with its surge of energy.

What about you? What are your responses to this season? Sometimes spring can sweep us off our feet. What are your ways of finding balance?