Friday, March 25, 2016

Things change

 Dear readers, I've been absent since equinox last year. Now that equinox has come around again, it's time to return, to tell you how things have changed.
 We live in times of changing technology. Last year our local post box was removed, due to reduced volume of mail. I used to walk just half a block to post my books all over the world. Now I have to put them in my back pack and walk 8 blocks that include a steep hill.
 It keeps me fit, but there are some days when I wish the old box was still sitting cheerily in its old place.

There was no polite notice when a change occurred that meant I could no longer import my blogs from this site to my website with Wordpress. I just kept on trying, wondering why it wasn't working, until in the end I realised it wasn't me that was at fault.
I have been posting on my website blog page for some time, mostly the text and images from the Seasons Newsletter that I've been sending out to a list of readers for some years. I really wanted to keep up this more informal blog as well, and to add these posts to my website from time to time.

Why have I posted a photo of my granddaughter on her swing at the beach? Because someone thought they should cut the rope and remove it.

Change happens all the time. Things are taken away that we have got used to.

What will I do? I could just blog on my Wordpress site, but then you wouldn't know that was happening. You would wonder where I've gone. And I would no longer be able to order the nice books that Blogspot will create from my blogs.

So for now, I offer you my Wordpress blog address, and if you would like to follow me there, I'll be so glad to see you:

And if you'd like to receive my Seasons Newsletter, you can sign up on the home page of my website:

Also, I'd love you to check in on my Facebook page, where I post things that you may enjoy:

Do let's stay in touch. For now, I'm keeping this blog open and may post here from time to time.