Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Summer Solstice: finding balance

As we approach summer solstice, two things are apparent: 1) the increasing light, warmth and openness, as if summer is opening its doors; and 2) the build up of busyness before Christmas.

How can we achieve balance? Try pausing at intervals. Stop and breathe. Breathe into summer. Let go of the imposed schedules of Christmas for a moment. Breathe into the spaciousness of summer.

Just one simple practice can make a lot of difference. I find stopping to breathe helps me to stay attuned to the season. For summer solstice is a time of expansion: maximum sun, light, and heart energy.

Walking is another simple practice to create calm during this busy time. Walk in nature, where you can rest your eyes on green trees, blue sea or a dash of crimson pohutukawa.

Summer Solstice falls on December 22 this year. See if you can make space to celebrate this uplifting festival. Keep it simple. All that’s needed is a few friends on a beach, park, or around a meal table. Light yellow, white or red candles. Bring in some pohutukawa blossom. Celebrate the achievements of the year and give each other blessings. Let it be a ritual of the heart.

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