Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring on the waterfront

What a sparkly spring day it was on Sunday. Saturday I spent clearing storm debris at the bach, and dealing with a dangling power line. It took all day, just as I was leaving, for the Power Company to turn up and tell me they were ready to 'liven' me!

Well, it worked. Sunday was totally 'livened'. As I walked along the waterfront I saw the kayakers' 'committee meeting' on the water, fishers hauling up their catches, yachts scudding along in the fresh breeze, people out walking and cycling, many smiles, and white-faced bungy jumpers preparing to make a daring leap.
How quickly we come out of hiding and spring back to life when the sun smiles after so much grey weather. And how I enjoy being out there with others who are enjoying themselves in the fresh air; it's so easy to have conversations with strangers, and to feel at peace with everyone.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

When the sun comes out after a period of wet grey days it does seem that the world has been 'livened' up as. I enjoyed seeing your world on Sunday.

Unknown said...

When we lived by the sea one of my favourite times was after a storm. Our Mum would send us off for a walk looking for storm shells. The air felt 'livened' and so did we ..I like that word Juliet.

Anne said...

How wonderful to experience the coming of spring in New Zealand with you Juliet when we are going into the mellowness of autumn here with all the trees beginning to change colour and lose their leaves. The two moods are so totally different and yet both equally enjoyable. The colours of spring and autumn are joyous and make you gasp at their intensity and feel glad that you are alive to see them.

Juliet said...

Yes, isn't it great how we can feel the polarity and balance of the seasons between our two hemispheres Anne. Autumn must be very rich for you right now. Thanks for commenting.