Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heart circle

I journeyed to Waiheke today, to check out a venue for my summer retreat. There's something about crossing water that invites reflection, and carries me into another zone. On Waiheke I felt I'd left all cares behind and was on holiday — except for one thing, and that is my thoughts of the miners and their families from the Pike River Mine. Wherever I stop, I think of them. 

On Palm Beach I made another small memorial, using black seaweed and charcoal. Both made me think of coal. And so here are 29 coal-black shapes, held within a shining heart of shells.

When I had finished, this sea gull stood as if in vigil.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

This is very special Juliet.

I have a great love of Waiheke Island - I have many memories of a family holiday on the island when I was a very little girl and then of later holidays when our children were young. So much happiness in my memories. It's a special place.

Unknown said...

How leave simple and beautiful and sacred places, in memory. A beautiful way to express emotion. Thank you Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Such fitting remembrances, Juliet, and such a steadfast seagull.

Anne Ruffell said...

Here in England we followed the awful waiting for the poor miners in Pike Mine. At first we couldn't understand why they hadn't gone in and rescued them and we then realised that there would have been more than 29 dead if they had. I was sent a poem about the miners and heard about the 2 minute silence and although in a different time zone, I too joined in your countrywide sorrow. The nation coming together to mourn them. I can think of no more fitting place than Waiheke to make a memorial to the 29. It is a very special place. I hope your memorials remain for a very long time and that people passing by will pause, ponder and then see their signifance.

Juliet said...

Thanks all of you for your comments. Last night my choir gave its end of year concert and a portion of the proceeds has gone to the miners' fund.