Sunday, May 22, 2011


Everywhere I look, plants are shedding. Ivy on a wall is now bare of leaves, but sticks out these little red clusters that may be seeds, or empty pods perhaps.
In the afternoon sun, they are like assertions of life, even as the rest of the plant turns brown.
Nikau pods, having dropped the last of their red berries, are beautiful and strange, rather like coral.
And wistaria pods have their own twisting presence where they have fallen on the earth beneath.
While spent leaves hold their own ephemeral beauty.

I love the winter light, and the way it reveals what is not usually seen.


Marja said...

I love the coral like shape and the pod. Great observation

Unknown said...

Beautiful Juliet...and the sun still warm on my back!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Juliet, for looking so closely and sharing the beauty the winter light reveals..


Juliet said...
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Juliet said...

Thanks Marja, Joan and Sue for visiting and leaving your comments.