Monday, July 16, 2012

Warming up winter

 How to warm up the winter nights. Take one cup of lentils.
 Soak for a few hours
 Add chopped winter vegetables: carrots, pumpkins, parsnips, swedes.
 Stir in the last of the beefsteak tomatoes from the west coast greenhouse. But first gently fry onion, ginger, and spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander . . . Simmer for about an hour and let your house filled with spicy aromas.

Send out an invitation to neighbours for HOT SOUP TUESDAYS - you are invited to drop by after 6.30 pm and warm yourself with hot soup at the end of your long day.

Make toast, and serve with quark, cheese, tahini . . . Enjoy the company and the conversation. Winter cheer is guaranteed. Every Tuesday.


Lynley said...

What a warm and generous thing to do Juliet.

I can smell your soup from here:-))

Ruth G said...

What a lovely idea. I'm enjoying the spirit of your soup.

Hotly Spiced said...

I love lentil soup and it is so good with a range of root vegetables and perfect for the cold nights at this time of year xx

lifeonthecutoff said...

If I lived nearby, Juliet, I would be there on Tuesday for this soup. I love lentil soup and this sounds like such a tasty version with those spices and vegetables. I did have to look up swede. It is fun to discover different names for the same things we eat across the expanse of our good earth, isn't it? A swede to us is a rutabaga and looks a bit like a turnip. A good root vegetable if there ever was one.

I'm reminded of the the old fairy tale, The Great Big Enormous Turnip.

Juliet said...

Lynley & Ruth, glad you like the idea, and thanks for dropping by.

Charlie, you do so much feeding of others, have some soup on me.

Penny, How I would love you to drop by for some Tuesday soup. I've never heard of a rutabaga, but now I know what it is. And I will have to look up the fairy tale. Thank you, we keep learning from each other all the time.

cecilia said...

Oh your hot soup tuesdays sound just perfect, I would not mind popping in at all! c

Juliet said...

You would be so welcome Cecilia! Nice to see you here.

Anne Ruffell said...

Wow! After all these years, I now have the recipe for your unforgettable lentil soup. How many years ago was it that we had it in the apartment near the Albanian? embassy - maybe 50 years - and we still remember it!

Juliet said...

Anne, that's amazing. I suspect it's got a bit spicier over the years, but the substance is the same.