Monday, August 13, 2012

Seeking brightness

 What's the use of sitting at a computer, revising chapter eight of my book, when I feel my energy flagging? Post-viral fatigue is wrapping around me like a musty old jacket. There's only one solution. Get outside into the morning sun. Seek out brightness.
And there it is, as I walk down to the jetty, and am greeted by this newly flowering geranium.
 The tide is gently lapping as I find a patch of sunlight and do my tai chi. Ooh, the soothing sound of the sea, sloshing and sliding over the muddy, sea-weedy shore. I find myself falling into rhythm
 with the waves and the brilliant reflections that defy camera-catching. But their sound continues: shush-aah, shush-aah.
 As I return I notice the first agapanthus waving its blue buds and dancing flower.
 The reflections have passed into me
I pick some of the rosemary that is flowing profusely, and bring it inside to inspire my work.
I can do it now. I've found brightness.


hotly Spiced said...

I didn't know you're revising your book. Congrats on the getting to the revision stage. Your rosemary looks very healthy. I used to have a lot of rosemary growing but we moved house and this new place is barren. I'm looking forward to planting out a few garden beds this Spring xx

anissa ljanta said...

oh juliet, this post speaks to me...i just posted something along the same lines, feeling very raw and overwhelmed lately...i sought the sun too, and walked and let my little man make me laugh. beautiful. I found glimmers of brightness, perhaps i should start my book too?! xx

lifeonthecutoff said...

It is raining here this morning, Juliet; a much needed rain, but, still, a gloomy day. You have brightened my spirit with your words and your pictures. Much thanks.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet .. I do hope you're feeling easier now - the start of Spring for you ... while we fade into autumn ..

Look after yourself .. big hugs - Hilary

Juliet said...

* Charlie, yes it's revision time (again!), getting ready to send to an editor. Rosemary is such a lovely fragrant herb to grow, and I love it sprinkled over roast veges.

* Anissa, so glad my post spoke to you. I find creativity a good answer to the winter blues. Sometimes I need to switch media, just to refresh.

* Penny, I know how much you need the rain. But brightness is good too on a gloomy day, so I'm glad I could send you some, as you so often do for me.

* Hilary, great to see you visiting again. I hope your autumn brings some golden days.

Thanks to you all for your visits and comments; much appreciated!

Lynley said...

I hope your revision goes well Juliet. That would be a testing occupation at any stage of the year.

Thank goodness for the offerings of movement and nature to refresh us.

Juliet said...

Thank you Lynley. Revision isn't too bad, because the bulk of the work has been done and the structure is in place. But revision takes a lot of focus, and refreshment is certainly necessary!

Marja said...

Good luck with the revision. hard work but exciting to be so close to the end.
Love the flowers, so great to welcome spring in our gardens and parks although we've had rain and flooding for the last week. Looks a bit better overthere

Juliet said...

Thanks Marja, it does feel good to be close to the end (well for this phase anyway). I hope you have some reprieve from all the wetness soon.