Monday, January 28, 2013


 Finally, having found the last mistakes and given my approval to Hong Kong, the printing press is clicking over, and my pages are being printed.
It's been exhausting, being not only a writer but now a publisher (like so many writers, I'm now going it alone because our publishers can't make it work commercially any more, unless we produce cook books or rugby memoirs).
I flee the city for reprieve, but even the bach is scorching, temperatures nearly up to 30 degrees Celsius (that's 83 Fahrenheit)
I am parched. My wells of creativity have run dry. I haven't even written a blog post for a while.
When I reach inside for something green to offer you, or something blue and bubbling like a waterfall, or sparkly like the surf, I find only a dry tangle.
But a few days at the bach, and something stirs once more. But first I crave the juiciest fruit I can find: fresh pineapple and summer blueberries, cool from the fridge. Aah . . .


Hotly Spiced said...

I agree with you re publishing houses! I've submitted many manuscripts and felt the sting of rejection many times. I've heard the weather is warm in NZ but let me tell you...we had a day last week of 47C - unbelievable and so hot I couldn't even think straight xx

Juliet said...

* Charlie, temperatures like that must be so awful! I expire around the 30 degree mark, so I can't imagine 47. I've been lucky enough to have had two very good publishers, the last being Random House. But they now get directions from overseas about the size of print run they need to guarantee, and this means that many well established authors are not getting published.
Hope you can stay cool!

Penny O'Neill said...

Welcome back, Juliet, in every sense of the word.

We've been hearing of your intense heat. I hope there is relief soon. Your blueberries and pineapple look so cool and refreshing. Yum.

Juliet said...

* thank you Penny for your welcome. Our heat seems extreme, but Australia is burning - literally, and I really feel for them.

Diana Drent said...

When the work is commercially that is what publishers like, its all about money.

Yes I missed your posts and now I know why. Welcome back i've missed you.

And the fresh pineapple, it's delicious, the water runs out of my mouth.

Juliet said...

* Diana, hope you are enjoying the flavour. When I have more time, I hope to work out how to follow your posts. It gets a bit confusing as the translation keeps reverting. thanks for visiting.

Vicki Lane said...

Glad you're back but sorry about the dry season. Here on the other side of the world we're in the sometimes grey days of winter and inspiration is often elusive.

Juliet said...

* Hi Vicki, I enjoyed looking at your posts. You seem to find the inspiration, even in the middle of winter. What contrasts we are experiencing.

Lynley said...

The big heat is here too Juliet and things are crisping up so quickly.

I've noticed that the blue sky also has a dry look about it at the moment as the heat washes out the colour especially around the horizons.

Despite a new year there is a level of "dryness" in the house too as employment issues are yet to resolve.

Fresh fruit and lots of salads do help keep the juices flowing.

Go well with your books.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - well done for getting the book to the printers .. and I can imagine the energy it's taken .. while the weather sapping your energy - 30 degC is enough for me ... but I'd like some now - we're now in the teens ... which is better than freezing as of 10 days ago!!

Inspiration will come - as you say it's seasonal .. and seasons vary and are varied and many ..

Cheers Hilary

Juliet said...

* Hi Hilary, we have had a breeze for the last few days, which is bringing some relief. You are welcome to our superfluous warmth! Thanks for visiting.

Juliet said...

* Lynley, yes the dryness can show up in many different ways. I keep wanting to eat fruit and salads.
Thanks for visiting.