Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adventure with a splash

 When you are four and a half, and your legs are now strong, you are ready for a big adventure. Sometimes you like to go on alone, just to find out what's around the next bend of the stream,
and at other times, you like to go with your daddy and chatter and ask questions, like
 Where did the water go? Where is the stream? The truth is, that the sand smothered it at this point and it would take a big rain storm to show any water around the base of the big sand dune.
 And here it is, the big lake. You have never seen it before. Now you can swim with your plastic ring around your waist, and splash, and make iron balls in the black sand.
 Daddy makes the biggest one you've ever seen. It's so heavy that mummy and granny can't hold it.
 And now for the big splash!


Max said...

It's so much fun to wander a track with a kid, they never forget its the journey not the getting there that counts x

Hotly Spiced said...

That's a great photo of the big splash - you timed it perfectly! xx

Penny O'Neill said...

What a wonderful watery journey, Juliet - and a most magnificent splash!

Juliet said...

*Max, that's so true. Kids find so much to enjoy along the way.

* Charlie, I had only one chance at this! Held my breath and was lucky.

* Penny, after all the drought, a watery journey felt very soothing. The splash was most satisfying.

Thank you Max, Charlie and Penny, I appreciate your comments.

Friko said...

I think you enjoyed that as much as the little one.

Juliet said...

*Friko, you are so right!
Thank you.

Marja said...

Now that's a proper splash. What a great game to make some iron balls for that occasion. A creative family

Juliet said...

* Marja, the splash was very satisfying. The iron balls are made by alternating wet and dry sand, and they come out surprisingly strong. My son is a master at this.
Thanks for visiting.

Diana Drent said...

What a wonderful time that age. Discover new things, ask questions.

Enjoying life and ready for a big splash, and then swim.

Not only for her a delight but for you too.

Juliet said...

* Diana, not the sea this time, but still lots of fun with water. Thank you.

Vicki Lane said...

A wonderful capture of the big splash!

Juliet said...

* Thanks, Vicki. It was satisfying!