Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The red, the green, and the wise one speaks

 The little one loves shells. To her, they are pure treasure. And so when she came to visit this afternoon, I had a box of my special shells waiting for her. I'd discovered it at the bach, and was glad I'd kept it so long without knowing why. While she made little suns out of trumpet shells, I lined up these special little violet shells that sometimes appear on the west coast beaches after a storm. It would have taken many months to collect this many.
The little one looked up and saw what I was doing: 'It's a singing group,' she said.
Here she is, with her sun and butterflies.
I played some more, and she looked up again. 'It's a bunch of grapes, granny.'
We took advantage of a fine patch in the weather, and went down to the beach. There she found a very special stone: smooth all round, and quite like any other she'd ever found.
'It's soft like a cat and I can hold it against my cheek.'
While she searched the beach for special shells, I played with leaves.
She ran back to see what I was doing, and to give her commentary.

'It's going from red to green so it's turning back to when its not dying,' she said. 

Her words took my breath away.
My play was idle, unconscious. I wasn't thinking at that moment of my friend who is sick in hospital, or another who has a serious diagnosis, or another . . . I could go on.
So that's what I was doing, playing with restoring the green, the resilience; turning back the clock, wanting to reverse the harsh onward march of life.
Being in the company of an almost five-year-old is sometimes like keeping company with a sage.


Claire said...

How beautifully she plays! Mira adores her granny.

Juliet said...

And her granny adores her! Thank you Claire.

Lynley said...

I know the wisdom of the little ones too Juliet. They can be so enlightening and uplifting.
What a wealth of treasure you shared together.
I hope your heart continues to feel some ease thanks to Mira.

Juliet said...

Lynley, aren't we lucky to have these little ones in our lives. Thank you, it was such treasure.

Penny O'Neill said...

"Out of the mouths of babes" come much, much wisdom, doesn't it, Juliet? Beautiful shells, with a beautiful little girl, and her granny, to hold them, sort them, work things out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - wise words .. just sad it can't be true - my thoughts for you - but more particularly for your friends with their tribulations.

Just glad the little one was with you to lighten the brain load .. love the photos .. cheers Hilary

Hotly Spiced said...

Yes, innocent little children without realising it can be quite therapeutic. I love the shells! They remind me of my childhood. You don't see many shells on Sydney beaches xx

Juliet said...

* Penny, that old saying is so true. She loves playing with shells.

* Hilary, it was such wisdom. It's hard when one's contemporaries face life-threatening illness.

* Charlie, I remember shells from my childhood too. What a shame you don't have many in Sydney. The little beach we go to is on Auckland's inner harbour, and is full of treasures. We are so lucky.

Thank you Penny, Hilary, and Charlie; I appreciate your comments.

Marja said...

Beautiful synchronisity of life and symbolism and the cleverness of the little girl
Sorry to hear about your friends. Wish you and your friends lots of strength!

Juliet said...

Thank you Marja, you know what this is like. I'm wishing them strength as well; it's what they need.

Friko said...

Out of the mouths of babes . . . .

How healing and soothing it must be to be in the company of a wise old (young) child when ones spirit is troubled.
You play together beautifully.

Vicki Lane said...
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Vicki Lane said...

What lovely pictures and what a wise child -- and a wise woman to listen to her.

Juliet said...

* Friko, it was balm to the soul.

* Vicki, her wisdom and insight blew me away.

Thank you Friko and Vicki, good to see you here.

Ruth P said...

There seem such difficult health challenges and life hurdles in many lives at the moment Juliet. I feel for you and those you care fore. Similar in my life too. But it is also precious to have others holding connection and insight for us at troubling times, like Mira with her wisdom. It seems the 'green' and love can intermingle from many directions. Thinking of you at this complex time.

Juliet said...

Ruth, I'm thinking of you too as you face big challenges. I was amazed at the way Mira could hold awareness of the circle of life. Thank you.
P.S. I'm guessing that snow is falling down your way right now.