Friday, August 1, 2014

The best of winter treats

 Once again this year, I've given myself a winter retreat,
 in the wild open spaces of the west coast, where clouds roll in from the sea, and the rocky lion roars through the night.
 It's warm and cosy in here, as we dine on delicious food in front of the fire,
 and sometimes catch a fine spell in which to walk the black sand along the edge of the surf,
 knowing I don't have to shop, or cook or attend to anything. Delicious food will appear at the right time,
 plucked from the garden and full of brightness.
 The days roll by and the surf rolls out, and on the last morning as I stride along the beach
 I am given a gift.
 The inner spiral of myself is unfurling. I have returned to simplicity.
Retreat. It's a re-treating of myself, and at the end of winter when it's easy to feel jaded, is the best of gifts. [Here's the link for this beautiful place]
When did you last treat yourself? What gifts has nature given you lately?


Unknown said...

A beautiful retreat message. Your gift is perfect. I so love the wild west coast. I love the verse of Sr Ann Powell's
...if you lie down on the black back beach, it irons away your worries..

Juliet said...

Joan, what utter delight to see you here again! Thank you for those lovely words of Ann Powell's. I'd love to know what poem they come from as it's not one I know.

Marja said...

"The inner spiral of myself is unfurling. I have returned to simplicity.' What a gorgeous line!
What a treat to be in such a great place. Did you have the warmth over there today as well. it was here 19 degrees.
I treat myself every weekend with a walk in the bush or on the beach. I feel so privileged to live in NZ

Juliet said...

Marja, we've been having a mix of cold and surprising warmth, depending on whether the sun is out or the wind is blowing. What a wonderful treat you give yourself, to walk in the wild places that I know you love. Thank you.

Leanne said...

Do you know what a treat retreat sounds pure bliss. Looks like a nice spot I'm off now to follow your link

Juliet said...

Leanne, nice to see you here. Your winter treat package looks pretty enticing too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How delightful!

Juliet said...

It was, a total delight Gallivanta.