Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maidens a-dancing

I set out to walk in the rain yesterday, telling myself 'You'll be glad you did it; you always are.'
And so I was. I turned a corner and it was as if the day was suddenly lit up by what I saw: this glorious magnolia, dancing in the rain, her blossoms like a cluster of young debutantes. I was reminded of the maiden energy of Brigid, the festival of First Light, and how young women would dress in white and walk in procession. I too had a white dress once, the day I was confirmed. Ah, what careless innocence! Thomas Hardy, who knew that the custom went back to ancient times, describes maidens dancing on the village green in Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  
The rain turned torrential, soaking me to the bone. But the dancing maidens went with me, and I didn't care.


Unknown said...

Such a lovely post with so much information within the lovely story. Thank you Juliet.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I enjoyed reading about the dancing maidens, and your photo is lovely. No doubt the rain added to all you experienced.