Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh fickle spring!

You shine enticing warmth, then blast with hail stones. You attack with fierce wind, then download your wet. You bite with cold, then archly present a rainbow, and smile as if to say, 'This is August. What did you expect?'


Marilyn & Jeff said...

Today was just that mix for me - rain, hail and sunshine - and altogether delightful. I enjoyed a wonderful walk even with that mix and saw tui feasting in a tree full of blossom (photos on my blog) - today truly was a gift.

Unknown said...

It reminds me of the little rhyme..from the other side of the world..
Small April said "I'm going to cry ..please give me a cloud to wipe my eye..
then April fool she laughed instead and spread a rainbow overhead!"

Juliet said...

What a delightful rhyme Joan - I've never heard it before. That's exactly what today was like. Thank you.