Friday, December 31, 2010

Full tank!

Here at the bach we depend on rainwater from a very small tank. With the family here, it goes down fast (even though there is no flush toilet; we have a 'long drop' in the bush). When the level went down to half it was time to ration showers and keep all spare water from the kitchen, ready for the garden.

But the good thing about this summer is the frequent days of rain. The rain makes the garden happy, and the sound of the water tinkling into the tank is music to my ears.

This picture is of the water tank smiling because it's full. We are free to take showers again and for now the garden is satiated.

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Marilyn & Jeff said...

Ah wonderful to see the tank smiling ;-)
A full tank in summer is a real gift from Nature, as is a happy garden.
When we holiday on our bush block down south we live very simply and catch our water from a spring and a shower is a good sized bucket full, I can't imagine how we would manage without our small but constant water supply.