Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The leafiness of trees

Do trees take a rest after all that hard work of spring: putting out buds, pushing them into leaves, then more leaves, pushing out through that winter-hard bark, and finally producing a full canopy? Do they breath a big sigh and settle into receiving full-on energy from the sun, pumping through the veins of every leaf as photosynthesis takes place?
I've just reviewed all the hard work I did this spring. I'd like to think of myself as a leafy tree right now, and rest in the satisfaction of a full canopy.

Why are there trees I never walk under but large and 
melodious thoughts descend upon me?-  Walt Whitman


Marilyn & Jeff said...

I have often thought about all the energy that it must take for trees to cover themselves fully with their summer leaves, I like the thought that they just sit back now and receive all the goodness that is due to them.
I like your idea of resting, fully satisfied with all your spring efforts too.
Love the quote.

Unknown said...

I have just been sitting in my little garden in the peace of this evening thinking how lovely it is looking now.. all because I did a little work during the spring. I am eating the lettuces and cherry tomatoes and the beans have flowers. It is the super abundance of nature that astonishes me. All those leaves..not just a few.. and one of the oaks already has tiny acorns showing.. billions! Crazy generosity!