Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been reading on Penny's blog from the northern hemisphere about the first rays of returning light peeping into cold nooks in her snow-bound home. At the same time I notice a withdrawal of light here in the southern hemisphere. Lammas (Lugnasadh, First Fruits) on February 2 is an infallible marker of this shift.
I wander up stream at Te Henga and find a fringe of watercress, yellow karamu berries, the seed heads of reeds springing out like stars, and velvety bullrush seed heads, whole armies of them, so handsome. Nature's colour palette has shifted to bronze and gold.
Meanwhile the stream ripples and sighs. As I sit beside it, in a patch of shade on this warm late summer's day, I feel the mystery of time rushing by, flowing onward into the next season.


anissa ljanta said...

I love the palette of colours you describe as summer shifts into autumn. I find myself wearing them these days too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it remarkable to view our little corners of the world, at the same time, and so very different in texture and color and temperature?Serendipity, again, Juliet. I took some pictures of a river, mostly frozen, this afternoon, and here you have your lovely stream, "rushing by, flowing onward into the next season".

From one hemisphere to another, peace and beauty. Penny