Sunday, February 20, 2011

A perfect day

I took the high path over the hill yesterday. Swimmers were still congregating on the beach, and the life guards were still there, keeping people safe in the turbulent surf. Every day feels precious as summer draws to a close.
Even though I've been coming out to this piece of the coast for over 40 years, the beauty still takes my breath away.
The dappled clouds speak of change, but even that adds to my appreciation. In the early evening I cook up richly coloured vegetables of the season, and they taste delicious. It's been a perfect day.


Unknown said...

The beautiful west coast and wonderful 'end of summer' days.. and so great to see green grass on the hills.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have a place that still takes one's breath away over the passage of time, isn't it? I appreciate your posts of late, evoking the rhythm of nature, the slow descent of the season. Beautiful.

Your seasonal skillet looks delicious, Juliet; rich in the colors and flavors of the season.

Juliet said...

thanks Penny. What a beautiful phrase: 'the slow descent of the season.' That's it, exactly.