Saturday, September 10, 2011


To my surprise and delight, I had a glimpse of the fireworks last night from my balcony. Sometimes, it was just a flash on the periphery.
Others flared up beautifully, and lingered in the sky long enough to photograph.
And then there were the moments when I received the full display - like spring flowers exploding in the sky, releasing their glory, hope and beauty.
The whole city was celebrating last night. After so many tough times, it's glorious to let fly and be joyful.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to hear you enjoying the fireworks display, Juliet. A nice surprise - just when you needed it.

Juliet said...

Yes Penny, it was a nice surprise. I feel like a kid when I watch fireworks - the magic gets me every time. Thank you for your kind comments.

Marja said...

Isn't that wonderful. Fireworks always makes you feel good. The ones on the last picture are like two big stars

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. I love fireworks!

Lynley said...

Colour and lightshows capture young and old with its magic and wonder every time.

A nice counterpoint to earlier events in the week for you Juliet.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

How magical that you were able to see it from your balcony. I did think of going up on the Hill as I am sure I would have been able to see some of it from there but watched it on TV. It was still so very good.