Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gift of fragrance

On my doorstep yesterday, I discovered a gift from a dear friend. She was thinking of our family, and the funeral that took place yesterday for my granddaughter's boyfriend of 3 years, and she wanted me to have a fragrant plant that she knows I love: daphne.
Not only is the fragrance of daphne sweet and strong, but it lingers and spreads. Now my balcony 'garden' is being renewed: as the tulips pass their best, the daphne sits between them.
Fragrance carries the energy of love so directly. It's amazing how comforting this sweet smell is, on a day when life seems terribly sad.
Your joy is your sorrow
And the selfsame well
from which your laughter
rises was oftentimes filled with tears.
Kahlil Gibran


Marilyn & Jeff said...

Such sadness, especially for your granddaughter Juliet.

Daphne is such a beautifully scented plant. I like your words 'Fragrance carries the energy of love so directly.'

I had never heard Kahlil Gibran quote before; it is very moving. It really speaks of our capacity for emotion.

Juliet said...

Thank you Marilyn. The Kahlil Gibran quote is very strong isn't it?

Lynley said...

Lovely daphne. It evokes so many memories for me.

The Gibran quote describes our spectrum of emotions so eloquently. We only feel deep sorrow because we have felt so much joy through love.

Juliet said...

So true Lynley; you put it beautifully. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever scene a daphne plant, Juliet. Is it like a gardenia? I know I will be on a mission to find it in a conservatory one day. Such a thoughtful gift that only a dear friend would know to give.

That is a wonderful Gibran quote, Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Ach! Should be "seen". My typos overflow these days. Penny

Juliet said...

The daphne is a kind of laurel I believe Penny; it comes as a little bush, some with white flowers and some with pink. The scent really travels and is one of the sweetest that I know. I hope you come across one in your garden adventures. It is quite a 'scene' - nice typo!

Hilary said...

Hi Juliet .. Daphne is quite lovely .. I used to pick some from my uncle's garden for my mother .. absolutely delightful and what a lovely thought, on what must be a very difficult time for the whole family.

With thoughts .. Hilary