Friday, October 28, 2011

Street Flowers

 To walk around the streets is to be greeted by flowers. I love yellow roses, and these ones, just popping out of their buds, are sheer delight.
 A corokio hedge has been newly cut, but its flowers are determined to bloom.
I love their little star-like forms, chattering away in the hedge.
From yellow to red, and I spot puriri flowers peeping out from high branches
a flame tree, now sporting new leaves as well as its vibrant scarlet flowers,

and in one of the street gardens, gladioli flaming on their stalks.

In the book by Maoshing Ni on Secrets of Longevity, I came across a page called 'Stress-Busting Flowers'. She describes the effect of flowers on a person's moods, and declares that colourful flowers combat stress. A study showed that people typing beside a bright bouquet were able to relax better than people who sat beside foliage alone.

As I came down the hill towards home, I passed the softness of camellias,

and finally, as I came in the gate, here were two tall trees enjoying their pink frilly leafing time. I can't remember the name of these trees because I think of them as 'truffula' trees - as in Dr Seuss's book The Lorax. As long as the truffula trees are thriving, the world is doing OK.
And as long as the streets are blooming with such exuberance, I am uplifted.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous.. is the Dr Suess tree a toon? The name sounds a bit Dr Suess-ish.

Anonymous said...

Street flowers. I love it, Juliet, and delight in yellow roses as well. Your photos are spectacular and I do appreciate how your caught the sun on those roses. Ah, spring!

Juliet said...

Thank you, Joan and Penny. I was pleased with the way the yellow roses came out, Penny. Joan, I'll have to check if it's a 'toon' - that's not a name that I know.

Marja said...

Love the top foto I am a big fan of roses and I am attracted to the last one as well and to Dr Seuss, so that works out well. Have a great weekend or what's left of it. :)

Juliet said...

Thanks Marja; glad you like roses and Dr Seuss. Enjoy your weekend too.

Lynley said...

The delightful pink leafed tree is a Toon. A Chinese Toon....I found that when I was searching for another plant. I think Truffula suits it even more Juliet.

Juliet said...

Toon is such a funny name, almost as odd as truffula.

Anne Ruffell said...

The beautiful clear colours of the spring flowers make my heart sing with joy!