Friday, March 2, 2012

Chasing the wind

We don't mind windy days, little Mira and me. When we notice the wind is blowing, we look at each other and say, 'Windmills!'
And out to the balcony we run, to see if we can catch the wind.
Sometimes we have it, and sometimes not. It's unpredictable. Mira is learning a new word: 'gust'.
We wait for a gust, and when it comes along and our windmills are whirring we laugh and we laugh and we laugh.
I've been too busy to blog - have a writing deadline of the end of March, when I have to deliver the ms for my new book. So I've been absent from the blogs I enjoy leaving comments on, as well as from my own. Never mind, I'll be back, and meanwhile, I'm trying to remember to play and relax between big bouts on the computer. So here's a little wind poem I wrote for you:

It's here
It's there
It's everywhere
Can we catch it?
We don't care!


Marja said...

A beautiful post I think you would be great in writing for children as well.
Good luck with your book

Elisabeth said...

Just waiting for another gust, Juliet. For now enjoy the wind with Mira.

lifeonthecutoff said...

Such a wonderful way to enjoy the wind with Mira! Those are such cheerful windmills and such a sunny day.

Good luck to you as you finish up your book.

Juliet said...

Thank you Marja. You make me think it might be fun to make a little book for Mira.
Elisabeth, today we have a big storm that has crossed the Tasman. Plenty of gusts!
Penny, yes the windmills are cheerful ones, and we love watching their faces disappear as they turn really fast. Thanks all for the good wishes.

Ruth said...

What windy fun! I could do with a windmill today to catch the gusts.

Juliet said...

These little windmills are such fun Ruth. I saw a garden in the neighbourhood that had a whole set of them on a newly planted lawn to keep the birds away.

Lynley said...

What happy play for you both Juliet.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the new book.

growMama said...

thinking of you in your writing...may it flow and may you enjoy those moments in between screentimes. x

Juliet said...

Thanks Lynley and Anissa. The writing has been flowing nicely, punctuated by enjoyable leisure moments.