Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach Cooking

I'm cooking dinner for me and Granny. You have to stir things properly to cook dinner.
 Here are some carrots, and some spinach and pumpkin.
 We need some seaweed and spices. Here they come, the sea is bringing them.
 I've got a bucket-full now, with tofu and celery . . .
 but it needs a lot of stirring.
Mmmm. Granny says it smells so good.
But it's not ready yet, so I told her she has to be patient.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - hasn't anyone told her Granny's aren't patient, when it comes to food - delicious sounding food like that?! Great photos etc ..

Love it .. cheers Hilary

Juliet said...

Ha Ha Hilary, you are so right. Thanks.

Lynley said...

I love the "bling" the wee cook is wearing as she prepares a sumptuous feast for you both.

Simple delights to enjoy and share with us:-)

Hotly Spiced said...

How gorgeous. What a wonderful day out you must have had with your granddaughter. I remember days like that, playing in the sand and it was wonderful xx

Juliet said...

Lynley, she is very fond of bling. Yes, simple delights all the same.

Charlie, it was a wonderful day, and I had some like that too as a child - in the sandpit or garden as we lived some distance from a beach. Thank you both for your comments & joining in the fun.