Monday, May 7, 2012

Moon mysteries

To the ancient Greeks, the moon had three aspects. The new moon was associated with the maiden Artemis: young, sharp and full of hope. The full moon was the mother: woman in her full fertility: Selene. The waning moon was linked with the crone: woman in her ageing, wise aspect, Hecate, goddess of the crossroads.
This ceramic mask of Hecate was made by my dear artist friend Helen.
Over the weekend, when our women's group met in a house on the west coast, Hecate sat in our midst as we reflected on the themes that have spilled over from Halloween: honouring our loved ones who have died over the past year.
Meanwhile, in the clear skies above, Selene as supermoon shone in all of her fullness.
As I began writing this post, I received a phone call to say that my dear old teacher has only two weeks left to live.
Artemis takes me into independence and youthful zest. Selene reminds me of the fullness of creative life within me, and Hecate returns me, yet again to the crossroads between life and death..


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet .. wonderful mask .. great that you'v posted about the moon and her three faces.

I'm sorry to hear about your beloved teacher - may she be peaceful and you have happy reflections of time with her ... Hilary

lifeonthecutoff said...

Those passages of time are always with us, aren't they Juliet? From the faces and phases of the moon, to those who have touched us through the years. I'm sorry to hear of your teaching as your reflect upon her here.

Then, the new life full of exploration and hopes in your Mira. That meal looks interesting and oh, what an imagination!

Juliet said...

Hilary, thank you for your kind words. The mask is powerful, as is so much of my friend's work.

Penny, you have linked my posts so beautifully - yes it's the passages of time that both robs and gifts us.
My teacher is an old Maori man who was very special to me in my childhood years. We met up again about 10 years ago and I've had some special times with him.