Monday, December 31, 2012

Bush telegraph

 The storm was clearing, the morning warm. On my way down to the jetty to do my tai chi, I met Roger, one of the apartment dwellers, climbing the steps on his way home. 'I've been out fishing already,' he said, 'and I've had a swim.' I just saw M, who moved in yesterday and said, 'come on in, the water's warm,' so she jumped in for a swim too.
 It was one of those idyllic, still summer mornings. Two women were cavorting in the water, chattiing and laughing. 'Yes, it's warm,' they said.
 The water was calling, no question of that. So I rang my swimming friend, and soon she and her husband joined me. 'We were getting so hot in the garden,' she said, 'and your call came at the perfect time.'
So in we waded. We swam, we floated, we talked, we splashed around lazily. And we had a good catch-up, about her holiday in Cairns, my time at the bach . . .
Summer is the season of spontaneity. We are all playing truant, even when there's work to be done. The water washed away my frustrations with computers, and for the whole hot summer's day I felt refreshed on the inside.
There's a phrase 'bush telegraph', which describes the way messages are conveyed when we are away from technology. From Roger to our new neighbour, to me, then my friends, the message travelled. When the tide is high and the water warm, the whole neighbourhood needs to know. Because tomorrow it may well be blowing and raining again (it was).


Juliet said...

as ever love your blog comments, juliet ... i was so with you on your excursion! and loving living in communion with the day, as you were - you have to do that (is it just in taranaki?) - to take full glorious feeling- wickedly- truant advantage of enjoying the warmth and sun, and the deliciously refreshing sea or river when it is, cos you dont knwo what the next day will bring,
Tricia T

Hotly Spiced said...

I'm glad you got in that one lovely day before the weather changed. We're away at the moment at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and the water is lovely and warm - about 25C so I'm enjoying lots of lazy bathing. Happy New Year xx

Juliet said...

Ooh, lucky you to be enjoying the warm sea. Today the weather has turned hot and fine again, but the tide is right out.

Lynley said...

It does pay to play "hooky" and to go with the flow at the moment.

Easy meals, forgotten schedules....lovely.

We sweltered on Christmas eve day, Christmas and Boxing Days. 32c+ and humidity on Christmas Day had us all gasping here. We are not used to that sort of weather at all. It was the effect of the spent cyclone.

BUT since then - lots of wind, clouds and grey skies with some sunshine at times. As you say Juliet make the most of the moments.

When the tide is right you have the water at your doorstep it seems?

Juliet said...

Lynley, the humidity was pretty intense wasn't it?

Yes I have the sea just down the driveway, and yet I'm only 5 minute's drive from the city. I am in heaven!
Today was glorious: fine, sunny and warm but NOT humid.

Thank you.

Diana Drent said...

I like swimming, its very relaxing for me and when I am in the water I feel really free.

Not just swimming but diving under the water. I love that.

How wonderful to be so close to the water to live, I would be completely happy if I lived so close. At the time I just go to the pool instead of the beach. Also nice.

Live now, enjoy the moments!

Juliet said...

Diana, I feel the same about swimming and am so fortunate to live close to the sea. You would love it here.
Thank you for visiting.

Penny O'Neill said...

What joy to jump into the moment, Juliet. I love the thought of "bush telegraph". I think those who are close to nature have a inherently unique way of communicating, which is evident in your post. We are at 12° F here on the Cutoff this morning. Brrrr! The sun is out, casting its magical shadows, however, and the days are getting just a few minutes longer.

Juliet said...

* Penny, it makes me shiver to hear of your cold morning. Yes, seizing the moment is a special kind of pleasure. I'm glad I did, because a cold wind has persisted since then. Thank you.

Play angry Birds said...
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