Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My turn now

 The bach is wrapped around with a shawl of mist. The shawl has floated down from the cloud-filled sky and softly caressed the hill tops.
I am enveloped in sweet solitude as I recover from a life with too many details in it. Soft focus is perfect.
And what's more I am being sung to, by many hidden songsters in the kanuka trees. The tuis have been melodious all day with their 'chk, chk, chaa!', while the pipiwharauroa (shining cuckoo) sings its high soprano, 'kui, kui, kui, whiti, whiti, ora' (this is what Maori heard it say; it means 'no food, no food, no food', which was the song at the start of spring, then ends with the phrase that means there is now plenty').
Other birds twitter or sound just one or two shrill notes. Their music strikes through the misty surroundings like a ray of light.
I am relaxing, and letting go. It's warm and humid here today. I've been sitting and lying a lot, and letting the bird song sink into me. Delicious.


Lynley said...

I am ready to sink into some relaxation too Juliet....not quite just yet for me.

We had the mists swirling around us yesterday, softening everything and hiding the usual hills, trees and houses close by.

I love your birdsong descriptions. Next time I hear a shining cuckoo I will think of the Maori words - how fitting. Thank you.

Hotly Spiced said...

That is quite a dense mist! I do hope the weather is improving over there for you. It's certainly been an unusual start to your summer. How lovely to be resting and enjoying all that solitude xx

Vicki Lane said...

Delicious, indeed! I can imagine the bird sounds!

Juliet said...

* Lynley, so you had the mist too. It must have crept down the whole island. Hope the relaxation is not too far away for you.

* Charlie, it certainly is unusual to have such mist in summer, but it's clearing now. That's good, because the damp air brings the mozzies.

* Vicki, the birds are singing brightly, from morning till night.

Penny O'Neill said...

I could easily lose my thoughts in that mist, Juliet. How tranquil it all looks and the chorus of birds must adds to the mood. I enjoyed seeing these pictures.

Diana Drent said...

I also enjoyed seeing the pictures. The solitude I prefer to.

You are privileged to be in such a beautiful country residence.

To the birdies listening gives you a relaxing feeling calm, away from a busy life. With great natural beauty around you.

Here in the Netherlands, nature is also beautiful and I enjoy it every day.

Juliet said...

* Penny, it certainly is peaceful. Mist seems to create its own quiet atmosphere.

* Diana, nice to see you here. I tried visiting your blog and found it very beautiful, but at present I am on dial up and after 25 minutes trying to load it I had to go off line. I will have a good look and work out how to comment and translate once I go back to the city and broadband.
Thank you for your comments.

Diana Drent said...

My (2) blogs are in dutch and English language. I have a google translator in my blog on the right side. Call of the sea is one of my blogs and my second blog the most important blog for me is solitude. (

This blog whith lots of poems and inspirational stories about love, nature, life, conscious living.

The comments to me is the same as here. Just your name and your comments.

I hope to see you in my blogs. You're very welcome!
Take your time.

Thanks for your compliment.