Friday, January 17, 2014


 While I've been in emptiness, nature has been in great fullness.
 Like the moon that flooded in my window last night. Just a little camera shake, and I have a heart, tipped on its side.
 And I'm remembering my farewell to the bach. On the last evening I walked out across the large inland dune that stretches between me and the lake.
 Sometimes, just as it's time to leave, everything becomes perfect.
 And the beauty is almost too much to bear.
And so, back home, I've been rather overwhelmed by the backlog of emails and tasks to be dealt with. I've withdrawn into quietness, and have felt too overwhelmed to read all the blog posts that I missed. But I've been sustained by the delicious courgettes and beans harvested from my bach garden. And gradually, little by little, I've been visiting you all, and loving your wonderful creative blog posts, that keep appearing from day to day.
I've been short of words and short of creative impulses. I'm stumbling, feeling inarticulate. But you are in abundance and fullness.

And I've had a new year surprise:
Gallivanta, who writes a lovely thoughtful, creative blog, has just honoured me in her latest post. My book 'Spirited Ageing' has been her first read of the year, and she writes about it so generously. Here's the link to her blog silkannthreades. Do take a look; she is well worth a visit. I'm reminded of when I did have the words and was in my creative fullness.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the moon beautiful? I was admiring it earlier in the evening and yesterday too. It was a pleasure to write about your book. Our creativity ebbs and flows, doesn't it? I have been quiet for years at a time, and now I have a flood of ideas; too many for the time I have available. Ah, well, we do what we can and that is usually more than we thought possible :) Thank you for mentioning my blog.

Terry and Linda said...

You caught the moisture around the moon...Excellent!


Vicki Lane said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love seeing 'your' moon as she makes her way around this globe of ours.

I wouldn't worry about finding words -- people, like gardens, need a fallow season now and then.

Juliet said...

* silkannthreades, you are certainly full of ideas at present. Ebbs and flows, that's so true. I hope lots more people discover your blog, which is just humming along right now.

* Linda, the moisture around the moon gives it a mysterious look. I hope to catch up with more of your posts soon

* Vicki, I've enjoyed following our moon around the globe. Yes, it's a fallow season for now.

Thank you, silkannthreades, Linda and Vicki, I appreciate your stopping by and leaving your comments.

Lynley said...

I'm in a similar space Juliet. I manage a little on the blog but my words are few and far between. I have been reading the blogs of others which helps sustain me.

We are being asked to allow and trust right now.

Juliet said...

Lynley, wishing you well at this time. Allowing and trusting, that sounds good.

Penny O'Neill said...

I was taken with Vicki's words above ". . .people, like gardens, need a fallow season now and then", having languished in those seasons for a time myself.

Your pictures are breathtaking, Juliet. I can certainly see why you love your time at the bach as you do.

Have you ever read Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "Gift From the Sea"?

Ruth P said...

Such beautiful photos and observations Juliet! Your recent posts (emptying out etc) are powerful because you remind us that Life and living includes the range of experiences stretching for 'inarticulate' to creative/flowing. To explicitly acknowledge/hold each of these as part of 'the picture' of one's life/pathway is very meaningful and helpful to read - thank you Juliet. And the light of a full moon and the beam of zucchini flowers are rich company in between times!!

Juliet said...

* Penny, I like those words of Vicki's too. The many different landscapes around the bach are so beautiful that I never tire of them, and the evening light showed me a new face of a well known place. I have indeed read 'Gift From the Sea'. I was given it by a friend for my 50th birthday, and is has been a favourite ever since.

* Ruth, yes it's important to welcome in the full range of life, as you say.

Thank you Penny and Ruth for your comments; much appreciated.

Hotly Spiced said...

How lovely that Gallivanta has been so praising of your book. What great encouragement! I've been absent too and am slowly getting back in touch with everyone. It must always be a wrench when it comes time to leave the bach but at least you have the zucchini and other produce to remind you of your days on the coast xx

Juliet said...

*Charlie, it's been a real thrill to see Gallivanta's post. You and I are in the same boat at present (though you are actually off the boat!). It takes a while to catch up. Yes, it's a wrench to leave the bach after a nice summer spell. A friend who stayed out there last week just dropped in with fresh produce from the garden, and I was so excited to see it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - I've been over to Gallivanta's post .. and am so pleased she enjoyed your book. I now look forward to reading it ..

Hope you feel more encouraged now - but I love your thought tumbles .. and the photos to match.

Cheers Hilary

Juliet said...

* Hilary, glad you were able to take a look at Gallivanta's post. I'm starting to pick up again now thank you. Every inner season has its gifts.

Unknown said...

Hello Juliet! I have returned to my Blog. I've been lost on Facebook.. busy with my large extended family. I do believe I have never commented on the reading of Spirited Aging. So remiss of me.. I am sorry! It is wonderful. Very encouraging and insightful as always. I love your writing. I have much to catch up on. I cannot believe how I've allowed silly old FB to take over.

Juliet said...

Joan! What a wonderful surprise to see you here. I thought you were completely lost, and I'm so glad to see you back here. Facebook can be very distracting and I have to resist it. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading 'Spirited Ageing.
Thank you, and I look forward to visiting your blog.