Monday, January 13, 2014

Return to nature

 I've been off-line, out in the wilds, on the edge of the Manukau harbour, taking time to be in the serenity of nature,
listening to the rhythm of the tides.
 But not alone. Once a year I take this time out with a community of people who care deeply about the earth and the health of our networks, ecological, social, political and spiritual. This year's gathering was called 'Power of Nature: Nature of Power', and we were inspired by several speakers, one from Britain and the other two with a strong grounding in the Maori world.
In soft focus, relaxing the work of the mind, we entered into the spirit of nature,
listening to the birds, trees, and water; watching the clouds that brought dramatic bursts of rain and wind, and then parted to reveal a shining moon, sailing high over our heads as we settled to sleep.
 Children played and made huts; we took mindfulness walks,
and together wove our stories, dreams and visions for a better world. Our projects for 2014 are wide-ranging and inspiring. Together we support one another as we prepare for the coming year.
Here is my favourite quote from the gathering:

[Your calling isthe place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

—Frederick Buechner


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - what a wonderful start to the year and a way of adjusting to life ahead as your summer will turn to autumn anon ...

Love the photos and the quote is very deep - I hadn't heard of Buechner, but have just looked up his Wiki page which certainly deserves a further read ..

Happy New Year and you remind us all to return to nature .. I shall ... cheers Hilary

Penny O'Neill said...

Buechner's quote is such an inspiring stepping stone to leap off of at this time of new year and beginnings. I'd forgotten your yearly gathering, Juliet, and was hoping all was well with you, relieved that your absence has been because of a bigger purpose. Your post brings me hope as you so beautifully convey all the serenity of your gathering.

Terry and Linda said...

I love the beauty of your work and your land. I wish you have a like button...I sure would have clicked it!


Juliet said...

* Hilary, I came across the quote a few years ago, and now it's come up again.

* Penny, somehow I didn't get time to signal that I'd be absent, but now I'm glad to be back on the blog again. The quote is certainly inspiring.

* Linda, the landscape is beautiful, and only 40 minutes from home. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Thank you Hilary, Penny and Linda, and I hope to catch up with your posts soon; looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to begin the year. My year is beginning with the ending of your book Spirited Ageing, and both your blog and your book are bringing deep peace to my days :)

Juliet said...

silkannthreades, what a lovely comment. Thank you so much. I'm still catching up, and look forward to reading the posts of yours that I've missed.