Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer travels

I visited Paekakariki, enjoying the warmth of late summer. The hills are covered in long grass, with seed heads rippling in the wind, giving a softness to the landscape. The coast line is long and open, guarded by Kapiti Island, a place of much history.

A new landscape that is unfamiliar, imprints its character and beauty. For a moment, the new seems superior to the landscape I've left behind. Novelty is seductive.
Then I relax into a sense of abundance, celebrating difference, enjoying the variety of this beautiful land of ours, where the sand may be golden, white, or black, and where the coastline unravels gentleness, savagery, wildness or quietude.

Seagulls, lined up on the beach, keep vigil.


Anonymous said...

Your imagery is so peaceful here, Juliet, and I appreciate your celebration of that which is different. Thank you for solitude your post evokes, and the pictures. I especially am enjoying the ones of the beach.

Juliet said...

thank you Penny, and I look forward to catching up with your blog after my travels.

Anne Ruffell said...

I have just had a big sigh looking at the pictures of the beach and wish I was there. New Zealand is truly such a beautiful place.