Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grasses in the rain

 As I walk to the beach in the rain, my attention is drawn to the grasses
the reeds alongside the swamp,
 and wildflowers everywhere.
 There are clusters of clover here and there, both red and white.
 On the dunes, seed heads are full
and the spinafex is ready to release its tumbling, spinning wheels.

Usually by this time of the year the sun has dried everything out, but with all the rain it's as if the grasses have had an extra burst of growth. Summer feels fertile this year.
Every new year I read my journal for the previous year, and contemplate what I wish to seed in the new year, and grow to fruition. Taking solitary time at the bach is perfect for this musing and wondering.
I wonder what you are seeding as 2012 begins. Whatever it is, may it be as full of life and promise as these grasses and wildflowers in the rain.

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