Thursday, May 23, 2013

Red in autumn

 Red leaves
Scuttle in gangs
Scratching the brickwork
 Or  fan out, spreading their glory,
while others drop to where they can dance more freely.
I lift my head to enjoy their bright bunting hanging out against the sky,
and my toes wriggle inside my autumn shoes, getting ready to dance with leaves.


Lynley said...

Lovely photos, colours and story Juliet. The leaves have been dancing frenetically here today as a BIG gale has blustered about all day.

Wonderful whirls in the air and scatterings back and forth ending in drifts.

I hope your toes can get a-tapping with the dance partners near your home. Will your little one join you I wonder?

Juliet said...

* Lynley, I see that you are enjoying the autumn leaves too. They certainly move freely when the wind is strong. Thank you.

Http:// said...

Beautiful :)

Juliet said...

Thank you. I've just enjoyed paying you a visit.

Hotly Spiced said...

Autumn colours are so pretty and bright. I love the red in those leaves. Pity it won't last! xx

Penny O'Neill said...

Your words and your photos create such an atmosphere, Juliet. I started wiggling my own toes as I danced here with your words. Those are such vivid, red leaves. I love autumn.

Juliet said...

Penny, thank you for your kind words. It's nice to have you joining in the dance. I love autumn too.

Juliet said...

Charlie, they don't last too long, but the colours are so lovely while they are here.
Thanks for visiting.