Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I think summer might have arrived today

 Today the wind died down. And the sun shone all day. My mind didn't want to focus on work, and so I packed my backpack and went to the beach.
 Sitting under the trees, listening to the tide slipping across the sand and shells was soothing,
 and I wondered if I might take my first swim
 and then I thought, well no, it's not exactly blazing hot.
 On the beach teenage school girls were enjoying the last of their holidays. They were playing music and then every now and then would burst into song. Of course! Lorde has just won the Grammys and now every 17 year old aspires to be like her. Lorde arrived back in the country today, jet lagged and exhausted after all the excitement. But a whole generation of young women is now dreaming of greatness.
And so, maybe today did mark the arrival of summer. For when we break into song and our dreams burst into bloom, that's the season of warmth, long days, fun and drifting in the blue.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Juliet - I don't want to fast forward .. I'd miss too much ... yet some warm sun, rather than drenching constant rain would be good!!

I'd never heard of Lorde - but wonderful New Zealand got on the map with her win. She obviously will attain much ..

... and summer days of song and dreams .. and lying just listening to the sounds of the sea shore ... quite delightful to think about!

Cheers Hilary

Juliet said...

* Hilary, Lorde is a 17 year old school girl who has taken the world of pop by storm with her singing and song writing. Her song 'Royal' won the Grammys. She dares to be herself, really fully. NZ is very proud of her.
Thanks for visiting, nice to see you and I hope you get some sunshine.

Lynley said...

We have had two full days of summer here too Juliet.....could we hope for more in this windy, changeable season we have been experiencing?

I can hear the sound of the shells being swished by the waves....uniquely lovely.

The water must be warming for a swim soon:-)

Juliet said...

Lynley, it's a matter of appreciating each day we get, as you say. The wind is on its way back again now, so I'll be waiting a little longer for that swim. Nice to see you back here.

Lynley said...

A cool wind is blowing about here again this evening too.
A local saw some sharks in the Inlet tonight so that water must be warm and inviting to some!
I hope to keep up my blogging interest now. It is good to be reading your posts again now you are back writing for us.

Juliet said...

Yes, it's really cool here tonight. Sharks! I'd rather have cool water. See you again soon, and thanks Lynley.

Penny O'Neill said...

Leave it to youth to herald in summer with music and care free joy. Lords is on all young lips it seems. Was it only 50 years ago that the Beatles changed music here? What a sense of hope you bring me with this post.

Hotly Spiced said...

I'm glad to hear the weather has improved and yes, Lorde! What a star and just so young. I do hope she can hold it all together xx

Terry and Linda said...

Dead summer for you, dead winter for us. I'm ready for a change here, but I will just have to wait.


Juliet said...

* Penny, the young need these positive role models, don't they? As Pete Seegar slips out of this world, a new generation takes our attention.

* Charlie, I hope too that she can hold it all together. She has a good family and I'm sure that keeps her grounded, but the pressures must be immense.

* Linda, it's cool again this morning so I guess I'll be waiting for a change too.

Thanks Penny, Charlie and Linda, I appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

Summer didn't seem very present here today; certainly not swimming weather for me. I like your idea of Pete Seeger leaving and someone, like Lorde, coming to represent the new generation. She seems to have the determination to be her own person.

Juliet said...

* Gallivanta, I hope you are getting more summery weather now. I just heard on the radio that Lorde chose her own clothes, without a designer, and even wore her school shoes for her performance at the Grammys. That shows individuality and determination!