Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another street garden

After a hard morning's work, I needed to step outside and refresh my energy. I walked down the street a little way and discovered a street garden: a planter box with a young magnolia growing from the centre. Inside the box, well-fertilised daffodils, and blue and pinky-red freesias waved their tall stems, Stretching into the sky, the creamy cups of magnolia opened their hearts. Fragrance wafted through the air. I felt completely refreshed, and grateful to these kind neighbours who have spilled their garden outside the walls, where all can stop and enjoy.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

What a beautiful wee garden, a wonderful gift to the neighbourhood and all who pass by.

Anonymous said...

How lovely a way to clear your head after working hard.
I think it says a lot about a person(s) who extend their gardening to public places. It is always refreshing and up lifting to come upon such delights.