Thursday, September 23, 2010

The week-long storm

The storm continues, tearing down trees, scattering debris everywhere, knocking over bins and tables. I saw a huge limb hanging against a tree yesterday, but when I returned to photograph it, the leafy mess was gone. Only the wound remained. I was tempted to go out to the bach, but because it's on the west coast, I can't be sure that the power and phone lines will still be working. Today it feels a treat to return to the shelter of home, and rest in the memory of last night's beautiful spring equinox ritual of balance.
St Mary's Rd
Cowan Street


Marilyn & Jeff said...

It certainly has been a stormy week and while I have loved every moment of this wild weather, especially on the beach this afternoon, I feel deeply for all those who are suffering because of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, but mother nature seems to be battering your land there with some force, Juliet. I always find it amazing how fierce and how beautiful nature can be at the same time.