Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going underground

On my walk, I saw this woodpile that a neighbour has prepared, ready for the cold nights that are getting closer.
Creatures are burrowing underground, finding nooks and crannies to huddle away in. Ants have been pouring into my kitchen and into every little-used cupboard, seeking out winter shelter.
And I had to chuckle when I realised what the workmen were up to down the other end of our street: why, moving the powerlines from poles to underground.

It's called an Undergrounding Project.

There they are, snug in their orange pipes.
I wonder if powerlines hibernate too, and if in the spring they will come bursting through the earth again, and sprouting power poles on which to climb.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

Oh this is so funny Juliet, I like the thought of powerlines hibernating only emerge full of strength and vigour in spring with new pole growth!

Nik said...

Timely post haha. Just tonight I read my kids the story of Persephone going underground for winter too, ready to emerge once again in spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, Juliet, I will now walk around our road here wondering if the powerlines will be awakening with the daffodils and tulips! ha!

Juliet said...

Thank you all for joining in the fun. Penny, I think you should be watching out for sure, now that spring has come to your part of the world! Imagine if they all sprouted at once.