Saturday, April 23, 2011

Storms and seeds

The gales of last week wreaked havoc at the bach. I arrived to find twigs strewn everywhere, then branches, and then the lacebark severed from its trunk.

The mellow days of autumn are definitely over, but on a gentler note, I found the carrots I planted last time, were daintily dancing in their rows.
The day was warm, and I worked happily in the garden, digging in seaweed and planting broad beans.
Nature, on the one hand is savage: a hand that takes. We are approaching Kiwi Halloween, and I'm very aware of the lives that have been snatched or beckoned away this year.
But I'm also reminded of the hand that gives, for here in Auckland it's still warm enough to plant seeds and sneak in some more crops. I find that comforting as the season turns.


Nik said...

Is your bach quite close to your home? Sounds a nice little get-a-way.

Anonymous said...

That was a mighty wind that came through to sever the branch as it did. It is amazing, isn't it, how such violence in nature can also leave a row of seedlings in tact? I love your reverence for nature.

Juliet said...

Hi Nikki, the bach is 40 minutes away. And Penny, you put it perfectly, that the same gale could leave those delicate seedlings intact.

growMama said...

juliet this reminds me of when a tumultous time causes chaos in my life and i take stock and ask why but it is not until later i give thanks for the space the storm cleared for some new magic to seed and sprout.